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Love Duet: I draw a map
from james (book of ruth)

for unaccompanied chorus (with optional glockenspiel)


Duration: 5 minutes

Libretto: English by Zac Kline

Program Note:

“I draw a map” is the love duet from my oratorio james (book of ruth). In the scene, the protagonist James shares an intimate morning with his partner. Grogginess becomes playfulness and their minds and hearts turn to building a future together. The queer love of the oratorio is both sacred, as two “become one flesh,” and joyful as their love is fulfilled. The imagery of the text is of intertwining lives and intertwining bodies. Each partner traces a map onto the other’s skin. These maps are plans for their love and their future. Straight lines are drawn and curved lines; streets crisscross, buildings rise, rivers flow. This duet is not performed by two solo voices as might commonly be expected but by the chorus. Taking inspiration from French Baroque music and the music of Henry Purcell, the chorus divides into SSA and ATB groupings. The choruses exchange lines until they intertwine and finally join as one in a realization of love.




Inversion Ensemble with Trevor Shaw, conductor
Sam Kreidenweis as James
Mary Kettlewell as his mother
Katrina Saporsantos as Ruth

Recorded at KMFA Draylen Mason Music Studio, Austin, TX
Broadcast, June 25th, 2021


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